Ratings will be reassessed after the first show of each season. New 2017 season ratings will be available by November 27, 2016.

The purpose of rating each member is to provide a fair and level playing field for all members. No one should be riding with an advantage or be disadvantaged when competing with other members.

It is stressed that at any time when determining the rating of an individual, rating committees must not consider the effect on the individual member but the effect on the membership as a whole. If the member pens like a 3 then they are rated a 3. If they pen like a 2 then they are rated a 2. The individual’s age, length of time penning, existing teams or the fact they may skip a rating level altogether, simply do not enter into the equation. The penner’s ability dictates what their rating should be.

When rating a penner, rating committees cannot consider personal relationships, emotions or conflicts of interest. The decision must be based solely on the individual’s ability. The rate of improvement the individual has shown and the likelihood of significant improvement by the end of the year should also be considered. It is the responsibility of the PCTPA Rating Coordinator to ensure that all riders in regional associations are rated on a level playing field at club shows.

The purpose of the PCTPA Rating board is to ensure every rider, is rated at the appropriate level.

The PCTPA is responsible for the integrity of the rating system and as such, the PCTPA will have the final say. If your PCTPA rating is different than your BCTPA or CTCPA rating that is of no consequence to this regional level competition. We must consider that the regional level will have more beginner riders and will require the more experienced riders to ride at what appears to be a rating than they may otherwise be rated at in other organizations.

PCTPA has a 7 number rating system similar to that of the CTCPA, as follows:

# 7 – Any #6 or #7 rider as rated by any rating system other than the PCTPA, will be rated as a #7 rider until rated by the Rating Committee. A #7 penner is considered to be a penner or rider that has the capability of earning a living penning.

# 6 – This penner excels in all areas of penning and is considered an “elite” competitor.

# 5 – This penner is highly proficient in all areas of penning.

# 4 – This penner is above average in most areas of penning.

# 3 – This penner is average in most areas of penning.

# 2 – This penner is developing his/her skills where they are no longer a beginner yet are not achieving overall average penning skills.

# 1 – This penner is well below average in penning skills and is most likely a new rider or a new penner or a former seasoned penner who no longer can ride above this rating due to health, age or physical ability or a penner who needs to develop in all areas of penning criteria.


This is a list of some criteria that should be used when evaluating a penners rating:

  1. Riding ability
  2. Ability to read a cow
  3. Ability to react to a situation
  4. Ability to play different positions
  5. Communication skills
  6. Coaching ability

A seasoned rider may be lowered if the Rating Committee determines their ability has declined due to other circumstances.