img_5326What is Team Cattle Penning?

The object of team cattle penning is that a team consisting of three riders in an arena must cut out from a herd and pen three head of cattle with the team’s assigned number within a specified time limit. The fastest time wins. Each member of the team plays a different role, with two members being utilized as the cattle cutters and the third being the member that holds the herd of cattle back from crossing the foul or “trash” line. The cattle move when the rider approaches from behind and slightly to the side. Coaches will say that if you stare at your cow the others will move out of the way of your pressure, but making noise or yelling often encourages the cattle to move faster.

It is recommended that an officiating system be utilized to judge the pen and the foul line. The Judge is responsible for starting teams and calling “trash”. The Judge is responsible for the enforcement of all other rules.

Pacific Coast Team Penners Association (PCTPA) has been established to provide a local-level competitive club for the promotion and development of the sport of Team Cattle Penning in the Lower Mainland of BC. In accordance with the mission, the PCTPA seeks to classify penners according to ability and to establish rules to create a common approach to the sport and maximize participation and competition.

The PCTPA supports the view that team penning is a sport for young and old, male and 1240454_10153235306915019_1955023466_nfemale, families and individuals, and in this regard, seeks to promote a high standard of personal conduct and good sportsmanship. The PCTPA is committed to acting on the belief that the strength of the sport lies in the preservation of strong regional associations who are the grassroots of penning, which is what we represent.


  1. To promote the sport of Team Cattle Penning.
  1. To establish and maintain a handicap system that encourages team cattle penners of every age and every skill level to compete in the sport.
  1. To promote a pastime that fosters family involvement while setting standards for proper conduct and good sportsmanship.


In order to promote Team Penning as a spectator sport and ensure shows are operated as efficiently as possible the PCTPA encourages the following:

  • Sportsmanship – Respect your fellow penners, officials and volunteers.
  • As a courtesy to fellow penners, officials and spectators, competitors (including Youth) are encouraged to refrain from high pitched screaming.
  • Losing a Hat – Losing a hat adds additional time to the length of the show.
  • Promptness – Know your order of go and be at the gate when called. Following your run and/or herd holding, exit the arena as quickly as possible (discuss your run outside the arena).
  • Herd Holding – Hustle to the herd following your run to complete your herd holding duties. Herdholders are to stay in place and exit arena immediately upon the number being called. Herdholders should exit close to the outside walls so as not to interfere with the next competing team and no attempt should be made to “bury” cattle or “split pairs”.
  • Herdholders should be positioned at the side of the herd and facing the herd so as not to obscure numbers from the next competing team.